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Love Community PUJ BookStore

“ We love books, and our daughters as well. But we are not able to find the books that we wanted in the local market. Mainly because popular bookstores only carry certain genres. That’s why we decided to open up our own bookstores, storing with books that we love and beneficial to the community. ”

Shee Juan and Siew Ling are parents with 3 daughters. When they had their first daughter 9 years ago, they want to shower her with knowledge but the problem is that they are not able to find educational books that they wanted. Seeing their friends also facing the same problem, they decided to open up their own bookstore. And now Love Community PUJ Bookstore has over 2000 different book genres, covering for all ages, from toddler education to parenting.

Ensuring Quality Books

What makes Love Community PUJ Bookstore different than conventional bookstores is that most of the books are handpicked by the owners themselves. They read most of the books they import, and recommend them to their customers depending on the customers’ preferences and interest. The books they are selling are very hard to find in the local market as they mainly source chinese books from Taiwan, China and many other translated books. They also have a variety of 3D books for children, encouraging children to read more and explore the fun in reading.

They also often organize talks to encourage reading habit among community and nurture the love for reading among young people. As parents, both Shee Juan and Siew Ling are aware that nowadays children tend to have difficulties when it comes to focusing due to the many distractions such as phones, tablets and TVs. That’s why Love Community decided to organize workshops and seminars to share the joy of reading, trying to tell the world that reading can be really fun as well.

SiteGiant helps with Inventory and Order Management

With over 2000 SKUs, it was hard for the both of them to manage. Before SiteGiant, they use different systems for inventory, orders and website. It was hard for them to manage as there are so many types of books and they need to go through the inventory one by one when there’s a new order. Sometimes it takes a while to know whether the books are out of stock or not as well.

“ Previously we are using different systems for inventory, order and website. We are using Autocount accounting software previously, and everytime we have an order we need to key into Autocount, same goes to when someone buy books from us via physical store. That’s why we started to use SiteGiant, because all platforms are seamlessly integrated, and it made our lives easier. ”

Ready made System and Efficient Support

Converting offline to online business requires a lot of effort and time. Meanwhile according to the couple, SiteGiant is easier to handle since everything is already ready made. It saves a lot of time since they won’t need to explore the features one by one. Furthermore, SiteGiant’s support is very responsive when there are issues.

“ SiteGiant’s system is already ready made, so what we do is that we just go for training and that’s it. We are able to learn a lot from the training. And of course there are times when we had some hiccup with the system, but at least SiteGiant is always there to reply to our queries when we need them the most. ”

If you are a book lover and you would like to explore more great genres, do check out their website Love Community PUJ Bookstore for more books!

“ To live is to learn, and everywhere is a classroom. We were born to this world, and we follow our predecessors by nurturing the next generation, seeding happiness around the people we love. We will never stop contributing to the society, as we aim to nurture a loving and caring society. ”

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