Reseller Program

Simple and Powerful eCommerce Solution for your clients

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Have existing clients who are interested in eCommerce Solution?

Looking to upsell eCommerce services to your clients but haven’t got a ready-made solution?

Worry Not, We’ve Got You Covered!

One-time fee RM595

Why join us as a reseller?

leveraging on SiteGiant eCommerce platform

Leverage on Malaysia’s #1 eCommerce Platform

Lifetime System Upgrade

You don’t have to worry about system maintenance as our support team will take care of features upgrade and bug fixes.

No Minimum Volume Commitment

You won’t have to collect several orders beforehand. Place your order with us whenever you receive one.

Freedom to Set Your Own Pricing

You are free to mark up the package to a higher selling price by adding additional services for your clients.

Mr. Lee

Famous Local Hosting Provider


” We can mark up the eCommerce package with higher price. Indirectly it has increased our business revenue. “

After we signed up with SiteGiant’s Reseller Program, we were able to target into eCommerce market segment, a market that we have never been able to penetrate into before.

I have been working in Hosting industry for more than 10 years, and I never thought we can upsell our hosting’s customer with eCommerce solution easily. Back then, there isn’t any eCommerce reseller program in the market. Until we found SiteGiant, they have the ultimate eCommerce solution that allows business owners to setup and manage their own Webstore without technical know-how.

Since we can mark up the eCommerce package with higher price, indirectly it has increased our business revenue!

Mr. Chong

Notable web development company in Malaysia


” We just have to focus on marketing. No more headache on RND! “

We have been providing web development services in Malaysia since 2005. Throughout the period, we received eCommerce solution inquiry from time to time. In fact, we have tried to develop our own eCommerce solution before. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as we thought, to develop an eCommerce platform. Eventually, we gave up as it is not cost feasible to maintain an IT division just to cater eCommerce inquiry alone.

After signing up with SiteGiant’s Reseller Program, it made us feel like we have outsourced the entire eCommerce product development division to SiteGiant, we just have to focus on marketing. No more headache on RND.

To be frank, without SiteGiant’s Reseller Program, we will not have eCommerce solution to fulfill all the eCommerce request from customer.

SiteGiant’s product is user friendly, it is easy to sell, easy for our customer to use and easy for us to support.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give SiteGiant’s service an 8, keep up the good work.

How to join Reseller program?

Step 1

Sign up for our Reseller program.

Step 2

Receive a discount coupon code and a reseller kit.

Step 3

Welcome aboard!

I have signed up but I do not know where to start?

What should I do?

Step 1

Attend eCommerce hands-on training by SiteGiant.

Step 2

Bundle and market SiteGiant platform along with your other products/solutions.

Step 3

Make your first sale.

How to place your order?

how to place order

Step 1

Go to SiteGiant Client Area and select a SiteGiant plan.

Step 2

Make payment and apply the coupon code to get special rates.

how to place order step 3

Step 3

Your client’s store will be set up within 2 working days.

How to market to your customers?

EDM marketing

Electronic direct mail/ newsletter

Send your existing customers a newsletter to inform them about your new services!


Send them a message via WhatsApp to engage and understand their current needs so it’s easier for you to market your products.

Social media

Promote your new service via social media like Facebook and Youtube to let more potential customers be aware about your service.

Reseller Program is suitable for

Bundle Your Services with Our Platform

eCommerce / Business related training courses

Google Adwords services

SEO services

Web design services

Graphic design services

Product photo shooting services

Facebook advertisement services

Products uploading / content management services

Consultation services

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you will only need to pay a one time fee of RM595 and you will be eligible to enjoy a 20% discount on all package prices.

Resellers under the Reseller program are not allowed to use the templates images for any illustration or promotion purposes to adhere to copyright regulations.

No, there is no restriction. Furthermore, you may opt to enhance the value of the package that you plan to sell, by adding in your services and then markup the total package pricing to the amount you wish to sell at.

Yes, your customer can always start small and upgrade their plans whenever they like. You’ll only have to pay the price differences between the current plan and upgraded plan.

In the Reseller Program, we will not deal directly with your customers and stay completely invisible from your customers. We strongly advise that you go through our tutorial guide and provide 1st layer of support to your customers.

If you wish to opt for direct support, our support team will be available to provide professional assistance to your customers as well; however, do note that your customers may know of SiteGiant branding.

Should you or your customers have any question, feel free to reach out to our support team at

Please do not hesitate to contact our Sales team at or call 012-719 0122.

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