The SiteGiant Story

A Journey of Empowering SMEs to Sell Everywhere Effortlessly

SiteGiant is Malaysia’s leading eCommerce enabler and was established back in 2013 to provide a range of eCommerce services, catered to both small and large enterprises in Malaysia. SiteGiant’s eCommerce solution allows merchants to sell on multiple channels such as online marketplaces, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and their own branded online store.

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Sell everywhere effortlessly

Being said as a company that truly understands the local market, more about SiteGiant is that the company understands the challenges for brick-and-mortar SME businesses who would like to evolve to eCommerce, and the obstacles faced to achieve as mentioned. That is why SiteGiant was established – to allow merchants to sell everywhere effortlessly.

Evolve together with latest eCommerce trend

SiteGiant is constantly coming out with better solutions to help enterprises, big and small to sell online more effectively and efficiently, providing them the tools to outcompete their competitors and guiding them towards a successful eCommerce journey.


Vibrant Environment with Great Team Culture

Being at the top in Malaysia’s eCommerce industry doesn’t stop us from having fun. We are a team of people with a diverse mindset and that is how we put our ideas to work. Feel free to click here if you are looking for excitement, challenges and exponential growth (If you are looking for a mundane, daily-routine kind of job, this is not for you).


Empower businesses to sell everywhere effortlessly.



To be Southeast Asia No.1 Omnichannel eCommerce platform, we aim to help 1 million businesses succeed and prosper through digital transformation.


Core Values

Customer Focused (待客如友, 客户至上)
We treat our customers like friends and strive to provide the best for their needs.

Integrity (诚信可靠)
Being ethical, responsible, honest and accountable are values we uphold and practice.

Growth Mindset (精进不休)
We are an innovative and proactive team with an inquisitive mind. We are open to learning and aim to get better each day.

Passionate (激情热爱)
We pride ourselves to be a dedicated team who take our jobs seriously and do them wholeheartedly.

Teamwork (团队合作)
We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.

Gratitude and Care (感恩关怀)
Be kind, appreciate and always look after each other.

Want to know more?

marketplace sync
Marketplace Sync

Sell on famous marketplaces (Lazada, Shopee, Zalora and more) with just a few clicks. Sell everywhere, your income has no limits now.

social commerce
Social Commerce

Sell on Facebook & Instagram effortlessly with our Social Commerce tools, the must-have tools for every successful Facebook and Instagram business.

SiteGiant Webstore

Providing you with everything you need for a successful online store, be it shopping cart, payment gateway integration and eCommerce templates, we have it all.

whatsapp commerce
WhatsApp Commerce

Provide a faster and smoother order processing for your customers and ultimately, drive more sales on WhatsApp. Simple order placing, better conversion rate!

sitegiant multichat
SiteGiant MultiChat

A must-have tool to view and manage multiple chats from Lazada, Shopee, Facebook Messenger, as well as WhatsApp all in one place. Never miss out on any customers’ chat again.

Live Commerce
Live Commerce

Interact with your customers live and start gaining more sales by selling on Facebook Live effortlessly. The must-have tool for you to manage your Facebook Live Selling easily.