What Facebook Page Admins Need to Know About Subscription Messaging?

Facebook Subscription Messaging

If you are a Facebook Page Admin and has a chatbot that sends subscription messages, it is important to take note and apply for subscription messaging before January 1st 2019.

What is Facebook Subscription Messaging?

Subscription messaging gives a Facebook Page the option of sending regular content to a person on Messenger based on specific purpose only. These changes do not apply to chatbots that only send standard messages. Visitors may opt-out of receiving subscription messages from a Page at any time.

How to apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging?

1. Navigate to Your Facebook Page Setting.

2. Select “Messenger Platform”.

3. Navigate to “Advanced Messaging Features” and click on “Jump to Section”.

4. Click on “Request” in Subscription Messaging.

5. Select the type of messages your page will send to your target audience. Most of the pages will be applying to send “News” updates.

6. Describes the kind of messages you will send and how often you will send them.

7. Provide two examples of messages your page will send and click to confirm your page is only used for intended purpose.

* How to write for a Subscription Messaging Example?

To write a good example of a Subscription Messaging, do make sure that your page provides helpful information for your target audience and never use the subscription messaging to promote deals and promotions. You may refer the following examples for more details.

Good examples

1. A newly published online report indicates festive season increases customers spending. Check the website for details.

2. Research has shown that customers like free shipping when they buy online. Visit our website to know more details.

Bad examples

1. Double 12 sales! Buy more than RM100 to get free shipping.  

2. Subscribe now to get special offers.

8. Once your page has been approved, you’ll see this notice under “Advanced Messaging Features”.

Additional Information about Facebook Subscription Messaging Request

1. The subscription messaging application is being reviewed by a real human. Approvals will be completed within days or even months.

2. The examples of messages that you plan to submit for review should fit the type of messages that will be sent to your target audience.

3. A page that does not go through the application process will no longer be able to send subscription messages after December 31st. 2018.

Terms and Conditions

1. This promotion availability will be based on first come, first served basis.
2. This promotion is not applicable for renewal usage.
3. This promotion is valid for new signups only.
4. Duration of this free subscription offer is 3 + 12* months (*T&C apply).
5. Free 3 months subscription from SiteGiant and 12 months subscription from Government subsidy campaign (subject to availability).
6. SiteGiant reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.