Oh Baby Store – From Parents to Mum and Baby Products E-Tailer

Oh Baby Store – From Parents to Mum and Baby Products E-Tailer

Hean Keng and his wife became newborn parents in 2013. Like most of the newborn parents out there, they did not know anything about parenting nor choosing the right product for their baby. Hean Keng and his wife wanted to help more newborn parents by sharing their parenting experience with them. After much consideration, they decided to set up a mum and baby product shop.

Having Difficulty in Setting Up an Online Store

However, setting up a physical shop was not an easy task. Not only it was difficult to search for a strategic location but also the investment to set up a shop was high. They decided to set up an online store first before proceed to set up their physical shop.

Neither Hean Keng nor his wife was from information technology (IT) background. They had to search for an e-commerce platform that offered a web store solution. After researching a few companies that provide such a solution, they realised that the fee was not cheap.

I was a quantity surveyor and my wife worked in the banking industry. We do not know anything about IT.  We did a survey on e-commerce platform providers. To set up a basic website, you need to pay around RM5 -10k. If you want your website to be equipped with shopping cart, the price will be even more expensive. ”

Having Problem with Previous E-commerce Provider

Before they subscribed to SiteGiant, they had tried several e-commerce service providers. However, they were not happy with the service provided by these providers.

It was inconvenient to approach them. Not only their customer service centre were located in overseas but also they did not speak our language. You have to know that most of our staff are not highly educated.  It would be difficult for them to communicate in English.  We realise that we need to find a local e-commerce company that can speak our language. ”

Hean Keng got to know about SiteGiant via Google search. After several discussion with the sales team, he decided to signup for SiteGiant 3-in-1 e-commerce solution.

The 3-in-1 e-commerce platform offered by SiteGiant is affordable. The web store features are easy to use as well. We like the marketplace sync function. It has made our life easier in managing our products listing and inventory in marketplaces. I don’t have to list my products repeatedly across different marketplaces. ”

Why Hean Keng Continues to Use SiteGiant?

We noticed that Oh Baby Store has been using our e-commerce solution since 2014. When we asked Hean Keng why he chooses to stay with SiteGiant until now. Here is what he replied.

After we had tried other e-commerce platforms, we find SiteGiant is the best among others. We like SiteGiant customer service the most. Whenever we have a question, we just call SiteGiant support team. They will answer all our enquiries and respond to us in a short timeIf you have a physical store or want to start your own website and would like to sell in marketplaces, SiteGiant will be the best choice. ”

We thank Hean Keng for allocated his precious time to accept our interview. You can start your online business just like Hean Keng.

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