Pest Control in a Box-A brainchild from a 5 star marketplace online seller with 20 years experience in pest control

Pest Control in a Box-A brainchild from a 5 star marketplace online seller with 20 years experience in pest control

“ A lot of households are paying a lot of money for pest control, which I think if I can save a lot of households HALF of the money they pay for professional pest control operators, and contribute to the economy, also the consumers can use the money to spend in other places, like shopping – and eating better food. Then why not? ”

Wilson Gan is in the pest control industry for 20 over years, and it has been quite a rough journey to get to where he is today. Being the head of operation of one of the largest pest control company in Malaysia, he was given the opportunity to station in China 5 years ago, leading the operation there. It was then he realized that the ecommerce industry in China is so far ahead of Malaysia. After he came back from China, feeling insightful, something terrible happened – the company he’s working at is undergoing retrenchment.

It was at that time when Wilson decided that he had enough with conventional business and would like to move on to something with a brighter aspect, like ecommerce. And this is how he came out with this brainchild – Pest Control In A Box.

Think out of the box – by putting everything in a box

The concept behind Pest Control In A Box is where everyone can find easy pest control solution inside every box they deliver to your home. That is why you can find all the pest control nicely seal in a box.  What Wilson envision is that pest control should be easy, simple and effective. It’s not effective when you need to hire the pest control operators every few months just to help you get rid of pests. Furthermore, the products are made by non-toxic ingredients, which is not only effective, but also ideal for home safety as well.

Pest Control in A Box offers a variety of selections, you can find solutions for bed bugs, cockroaches, lizards, mosquitos, termites and more! Price is very reasonable and affordable for all sorts of households. The boxes are actually specially designed as well, with support info and instructions printed on the box, so that it’s easy for consumers to refer. The main part is that he offers money back guarantee. The reason behind is because there are a lot of similar pest control products in the market but they are not very effective. By doing so they are able to increase their customers, and successfully retain them, because their products are really effective (Recommended by SiteGiant Staff, who bought and used it before. Sorry cockroaches, no place for you to stay in SiteGiant 🙂 ).

SiteGiant – The solution to business expansion

Pest Control in A Box is soaring really well in the ecommerce industry, as the product line is niche and there are many great feedbacks from the customers who purchased the products. Wilson was using a foreign platform back then and he decided to look for better options now that he needs to expand his business. Being a 5 star seller in Lazada, Shopee and 11street, he is looking for something that can ease his process when it comes to uploading products and managing inventories. That is when he decided to give SiteGiant a try.

“ Sometimes I out of stock in one of the marketplaces, or sometimes it’s difficult for me to manage the sales volume and make projection for the future. So after looking around, I found that SiteGiant is a very good platform that can sync to all the marketplaces and help me to expand my business. ”

Easy to use – No IT Knowledge required

Being a person in the pest control industry for many years, Wilson was never equipped with IT skills or technology-related knowledge. However, he told us that he actually just use 1 day to create his online storefront and upload products. The Drag-and-drop layout is really convenient, since he can design the page in whichever way he wants without coding or google-ing.

“ Other than that, I also try to look for one platform that is easy to use, because as a small online person, I don’t have a team which can really develop good material and also people who has technical abilities. So when I spoke to SiteGiant staff, they indicate that SiteGiant is a ready to use platform and after I get into SiteGiant, I felt like “Woah! This is a fantastic platform.” Even I myself, who have little knowledge of IT, can upload products, create website within a day. So that really help me a lot. ”

Friendly and Efficient Support – Surprised with the speed

Another thing Wilson loves about SiteGiant is our friendly and efficient support. He mentioned that he was really happy because he prefer conversation over phone and support has been really patient with him.

“ When I was using foreign company, normally you need to ask support during the night (due to the time zone difference). Because it’s an international company, you need to email them, and sometimes the email comes back to me maybe after 24 hours. But with SiteGiant, like for me, I like to converse on the phone. They reply very fast, especially for the technical part. Because in terms of technical part, you need people to be there and teach you over the phone. ”

“ I continue to use SiteGiant, and now I have a few website with SG. And thank you for helping me to grow my business. ”

Thanks for the support Wilson! And we do hope that all your other side businesses are blooming as well.