New Features Update on SiteGiant Webstore

Webstore New Features Update

Last week we launched two new features on our webstore that can help you to quickly search for your customer and simplify your customer checkout process. Below are the details of the new features.

1) Search for your customer by phone number

Having difficulty locating your customers when your customers only provide you with their phone numbers? With the newly added “filter customer by phone number” tab, you can now quickly filter and search for your customer with only a phone number.

This feature is located in the Customers tab. Just navigate to your “Customers” and select “Filter Customers”, you will see the new feature on the upper right of your screen.

2) Preset your default country

A lengthy customer checkout process may deter customers from making a purchase. To simplify the customer checkout process, you can now preset the default country where the majority of your customers come from. With this setting,  your customers will only have to fill in their address and state without having to scroll and select their country. It would definitely save their time and effort.

Here is how to do it. Go to your “Settings” then select “Store Settings”. Under the “Checkout” section, you will see a “Preset Default Country” tab. To set your default country, you will need to enable the status and select your default country from the list. After you have done it, click “Save” and that’s it!

Checkout these new features on your webstore today and stay tuned for more updates!
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