Shopee Listing Violation Policy

Shopee Listing Violation Policy

Dear Merchants,

It can be a hassle when your products are deleted/banned in Shopee and could not be sold to customers. We understand the frustration and hence, would like to emphasize on the Shopee Listing violations.

Please take note of the following Shopee Listing Violations and abide to Shopee’s regulations to avoid any listing violation issues in Shopee:

Listing ViolationViolation TypeDetails
Prohibited ListingsProhibited ListingsTo sell products that are not allowed for sale online according to local regulations or Shopee’s policy
AdvertisementsTo advertise other sales channels in the product information
Switched ListingsTo edit existing listing to sell products different from the original product listed
Misleading DiscountTo exaggerate discounts by increating product price before a promotion
Unauthorised Copied ListingsMisuse of other seller’s images or listing details without consent
CounterfeitIP InfringementTo sell products containing registered trademarks without authorisation from the trademark owner.
CounterfeitTo sell products that imitate existing brands
SpamDuplicate ListingsTo list the exact same product multiple times.
Price SpamTo list a product at an extremely low or high price without the intention to sell at that price.
Keyword/Brand SpamTo use a product title with irrelevant keywords or brand names
Attribute SpamTo input an incorrect attribute value.
Category SpamTo list a product in wrong categories

For more information and Shopee Seller tips to prevent listing violation:

Terms and Conditions

1. This promotion availability will be based on first come, first served basis.
2. This promotion is not applicable for renewal usage.
3. This promotion is valid for new signups only.
4. Duration of this free subscription offer is 3 + 12* months (*T&C apply).
5. Free 3 months subscription from SiteGiant and 12 months subscription from Government subsidy campaign (subject to availability).
6. SiteGiant reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.