New Feature Enhancements on the Platform (March)

Feature Enhancement Updates

Have you been staying updated on the things our team has built in March? Last month, our team launched some exciting features and enhancements on SiteGiant to help your business grow.

Continue reading to find out more.

1.  Lazada Sync Enhancements

a. Promotion price display on listing page.

b. Required fields are marked with red mark (*).

c. Model input adjusted to Model (Parent SKU).

d. Change of panel title and arrangement (similar as in Lazada Seller Center).

e. More attributes can be found under ‘Show More’.

f. Change in variant input and image upload interface.

g. ‘Save as Draft’ and ‘Save & Publish’ now available for Lazada product page.

h. Quick bulk creation of new inventory item for listed variants.

2. Order Fulfillment Enhancements

a. Default tab has been renamed to ‘All’ tab under Orders > All Orders.

b. Fulfillment Status Filter under Orders > All Orders > Filter.

c. Additional ‘Paid’, ‘Processed’ and ‘Completed’ value in Status Filter.

d. You may now customize your pick list template under Orders > All Orders > Order Processing > Shipping Label settings.

e. Allow display of each individual items to pick instead of bundle kit in pick list.

f. You may now opt to display the SiteGiant’s inventory item image, instead of the product image for Pick List under Orders > All Orders > Order Processing > Shipping Label settings.

g. You may now print the pick list for all orders directly under the To Print / Printed tab.

h. A detail summary will be shown on pick list.

i. Pick list can now be exported in Excel format.

j. Improved interface for Order Processing filter.

**Note: ‘Sort by’ and ‘Smart filter’ only available for Premium Plus plan and above. 

k. Once you have applied filter to your orders, the order listed for printing of shipping label, invoice, packing list and picking list will be reflected accordingly in ‘To print’ and ‘Printed’ tab. 

l. Channel and Courier Service Name added in Printed Data Excel.

m. Filter order by payment method (All, COD and prepaid).

3. Shopee Sync Enhancements

a. Each variant can now select its own promotion.

**Note: If ‘No Promo’ option is selected, it will delete all upcoming and ongoing promotion for the selected variant/product.

b. Preview image feature for variant.

4. Facebook Live Enhancements

a. Facebook Live Listing is now available. You may list products with different information or discount to sell on Facebook Live.

b. You can now integrate with Facebook through Sales Channel.

c. You may also select your Facebook Live product source under Channels > Facebook Live > Add Facebook Live.

d. You may set up Facebook Live shipping under Settings > Shipping.

e. 1-page checkout option will be selected for Facebook Live under Settings > Checkout.

f. Facebook Live product display at Webstore Cart.

g. Facebook Live product display at Webstore Checkout page.

h. Facebook Live orders will also appear under Orders > All Orders page.

5. Webstore Builder Enhancement

You may now change the colour of your caption text in the webstore builder under Webstore > Webstore Builder > Settings > Product.

6. Shipping and Logistic App

You may now fulfill your webstore, Shopify, Unicart and WooCommerce orders under PosLaju and GDex courier using My Apps > Shipping and Logistic App.

**Note: This feature is only available for Starter plan and above.

7.  Invoice Template Enhancement

You may insert the packing seller note in your invoice by enabling under Settings > General > Document Templates > Invoice.

8.  Webstore Product Enhancement

You may display related product recommendations to your webstore viewers to promote sales. This can be done under Webstore Product Listing > Add Product > Related Product section.

Sample of related product display:

For more information, refer here – How to recommend products to your customers?

9. Billplz Payment Gateway

Activate and enable your customers to checkout on your webstore through Billplz payment gateway under Settings > Payment > Add Payment Method.

For more information, refer here – How to add Billplz Payment Gateway?

10. Shopee Payment Reconciliation Enhancement

The seller return refund amount will be shown in the order summary for Shopee Payment Reconciliation.

11. SQL Sync Enhancements

a. Serial number

You may use the top and bottoYou may insert the serial number for your products before syncing to SQL Accounting under My Apps > SQL Sync > Select orders under Pending tab > Add New.

Step 1: Enable Serial No. input

Step 2: Insert Serial No. and sync to SQL account.

*Note: This feature is only applicable for the new version of SQL installer. Kindly reach out to our support team through live chat or email ( should you need any assistance on this.

b. Filter out products with empty item code / UOM 

You may identify products with missing item code/UOM by using the Product Mapping Overview in SQL Sync.

Simply enable the ‘Show Default only’ option and all the products without item code/UOM will be listed below.

12. Sales Channel Enhancement

You may opt to delete your sales channels under Settings > Sales Channels > More (…).

Check out these new features on your SiteGiant today and stay tuned for more updates.