Kafilah Buku – Selling Books with Great Purpose

Kafilah Buku – Selling Books with Great Purpose

Meet Firdaus, the owner of Pelita Dhihin, and the website owner of Kafilah Buku. With the vision to encourage the development of cultural knowledge towards the society, they’ve been in Islamic books business since 2013, encouraging learning and introducing quality publishers to university students, researchers, professors and avid readers.

They sell all kinds of Islamic books, ranging from ilmiah, philosophy, history, women and more. Same as any other online entrepreneurs, they started small in Facebook and Instagram. But as the years went by, business expanded and they are now retailers, distributors and publishers of quality Islamic books. Wanting to contribute more to the society, they launched Kafilah Buku, with the thought of making it the most suitable and effective platform to introduce quality books locally and internationally.

Kafilah Buku
Outreach to international customers – SiteGiant Webstore

Kafilah Buku is doing very well online, as they did throughout filter to the books they bring in before they place it on their webstore. Firdaus was already doing well on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but he would like to further expand the awareness to more people, and that’s why he came across SiteGiant.

“ With Kafilah Buku website, we’ve successfully penetrate the international market. We always get orders from countries such as US, Singapore, UK, Japan, Canada and Finland. Before using SiteGiant to open a website, we never encounter such situation. It has also improve our brand awareness to customers overseas. ”

Solution to Inventory Management

Kalifah Buku is doing very well on Facebook and Instagram until a point where they have too much products on hand. They find it very hard to find a certain product in Facebook since they will need to scroll all the way down to find, and it’s very inconvenient. That’s why they started to search online for an ecommerce solution.

“ One thing great about SiteGiant is that we can customize the website to our own preferences easily. There are a lot of ready made features, so we don’t need to start from zero. Adding products is easy, and there are also a lot of apps beneficial for our business. Another important thing is that there are a lot of integration tools in SiteGiant. Instead of working part by part, we can do everything in a go. Shipping is easy for us because of the integration tools in SiteGiant. ”

Selling online is never hard, as long as you have the determination and effort to make it happen. Feel free to check us out and call our ecommerce consultants for free consultation about online business 🙂

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