5 Useful Tools to Prepare for Shopee 11.11 Mega Sale

5 Useful Tools to Prepare for Shopee 11.11 Mega Sale

11.11 is the largest online sales event that is not to be missed by both customers and merchants. It is the day for customers to grab amazing deals. As for the online sellers, 11.11 is a must-join event considering it offers an opportunity for sellers to double up their sales before the year-end. However, the massive amount of 11.11 orders can be a burden for online sellers. Not only do they need to work for long hours but they would also have to spend more money on hiring extra workers to speed up the packing process.

So, what are the 5 useful tools that online sellers can use to reduce their workload during the 11.11 campaign? 

Let’s dive right in!

1. Use Smart Filter to check your hot selling products on Shopee

Before you submit your products for the 11.11 campaign, you may use Smart Filter to check the most sold products within 7 days from your Shopee order pending list. Now, you can decide which products are to be placed for the 11.11 campaign without having to check manually.

2. Plan your stock inventory with Product Estimated Restock Time Management
Having insufficient inventory during a mega sale event can be really bad. Incorrect stock forecast not only affects your store’s reputation but also your profitability. Product Estimated Restock Time Management helps you to plan your inventory in advance for your 11.11 campaign to ensure sufficient lead time to restock and avoid going out of supply.
3. Use Shopee Watermark to stand out from your competitors

There would be many similar sellers offering the same products as you for sale during the 11.11 mega sales. Thus, it is important to grab your potential customers’ attention before they slip away. Save your time from using Photoshop to add product frames on each of your product photos, one by one. Let Shopee Watermark make your products more attractive to Shopee visitors and ultimately improve your conversion rate.

4. Speed up your fulfillment process by 50% with Shopee Custom Shipping Label
Fulfilling orders after 11.11 is a challenge for most of the online sellers. Sellers not only have to work for long hours but also have to employ more workers just to fulfill the massive amount of 11.11 orders. With Shopee Custom Shipping Label, you can speed up your fulfillment process by 50%. You only need to print, pack and ship! You never have to waste time matching air waybills with the packing lists anymore.
5. Use Payment Reconciliation to track extra shipping charges
Once 11.11 is over, it is important for sellers to check on orders with the payout paid by the marketplace. Now, it is even easier to keep track of any extra shipping charges with Payment Reconciliation. No more wasting time and hiring extra workers to verify your payout.

Now that it is less than a month away towards the 11.11 campaign. Be a smart merchant and start preparing your 11.11 campaign with SiteGiant power seller tools!

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