Traditional Clothing Business Going Online: A Letter from our Merchant – Missuya

Traditional Clothing Business Going Online: A Letter from our Merchant – Missuya

Missuya is one of SiteGiant’s merchant, and their main product is actually Qipao (traditional Chinese Cheongsam). You might be wondering: “Woah even Qipao also can sell online?” It might seems impossible to most people due to the nature of the product. Most people prefer to buy traditional clothes through physical stores, because if you buy 1 size larger or 1 size smaller, that’s it – it won’t look good on you. Furthermore, the material and quality of Qipao determine the overall look. It’s hard for customers to make a decision if they are not able to touch and feel the product for themselves.

However, Missuya’s store owner – Jenson, got it all work out. And during the 6th of June, we received a note from him, expressing his comments and view about our services.

Hi SiteGiant,

We started selling online in September 2011, and it is always a challenge to sell clothing online as
most shoppers would prefer to try on before purchasing, especially Qipao is the typical oriental
costume of displaying women’s femininity, inner softness and beauty.

In early April 2014, we decided to look for alternative solutions to expand our online business,
and we found SiteGiant with its impressive tagline “For serious online sellers only”.

SiteGiant provided us with an incredible service that is second to none. Their Support Team is
one of a kind that guiding us throughout the process of implementation and until today we have
never been disappointed with the prompt solutions given, be it technical or tutorial guidelines.
We are also very pleased with their R&D Dept which has frequently improved, simplified and
upgraded the back-end functions. It is indeed a user-friendly shopping cart catering for both
beginners and savvy online sellers.

SiteGiant is a great professional company with extremely committed and knowledgeable team. As
a reliable leader among the E-Commerce shopping cart providers, with technically strong in
online business solutions, superb support and attentive service, we would look no further than

Although reputation speaks for itself, if you want the best – speak to Stanley, Wilson and the

Happy Online Selling!


Jenson Long
June 6, 2018

We can’t express how happy we are when we received this. We are very pleased that we are of help in your ecommerce journey and this proves that with continuous effort and perseveranceEVERYONE can sell online.