Biztory x SiteGiant

Boost Your E-Commerce Businesses with an Automated Accounting System

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Biztory is a simplified and user-friendly accounting system for your all type online business

Biztory accounting system
Easily generate financial report
Generate key financial reports in few clicks

Get to overview your business finance performance at a glance.

inventory tracking
Real-time inventory tracking

Able to receive inventory update no matter where you are, even far away from the warehouse.

Invoice generator
Ease of use invoice generator

Free from traditional manual method, now you can send it through Biztory’s mobile app.

Tax submission
Get ready for tax submission

Estimate and calculate tax payable accurately with detailed financial statements.

no more missing transactions
No more missing transactions

Avoid missing paid orders, expenses, cash flows and other transactions.

Why Biztory & SiteGiant?

Synchronize marketplace sales data
Synchronize all marketplace sales data

All sales, orders or accounts details from different marketplace can be sync to your Biztory account easily.

inventory tracking
Track your sales and inventory

Monitor and track the amount of products sold and inventory stocks.

Easily generate financial report
View your financial statements anytime, anywhere

You can view your business financial performance and analyze it.

No professional background required

Now you can create and customize your webstore freely without coding, and enjoy a seamless accounting journey to manage your financial statements.

How does Biztory & SiteGiant work?

how does biztory and sitegiant integration work
how does biztory and sitegiant integration work

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