New Feature Enhancements on the Platform (June 2023)

Feature Enhancement Updates

It’s already halfway through 2023, and time has flown by. But that doesn’t stop our team from continuously innovating to bring you better features and enhancements that will help to automate and optimise your business operations. Let’s dive in and take a look!

What has been built in June?

  1. Product
  2. Inventory
  3. Order Processing
  4. Webstore
  5. Shopping App
  6. Customer
  7. App
  8. SiteGiant POS
  9. Smart Scan Mobile App

1. Product
    a) Copy Listing

    You can now bulk copy TikTok listing to TikTok Store or Webstore. 

    b) Draft Product

    Bulk sync draft product feature enabling you to synchronise multiple draft products to WooCommerce seamlessly.


    2. Inventory
    a) Reserved Stock

    You may now bulk edit your reserved stock via Excel file. Once you’ve downloaded the Excel file, you can modify the quantity of reserved stock under the “reserved_stock” column.

    b) Batch Mode

    i. Batch Sequence

    *Note: Only available for SiteGiant WMS X1 plan and above

    Providing you with the flexibility to add and organise batch sequences as per your requirements. Hence, your inventory stock will deduct based on batch sequencing using the “Batch” under “Rack” feature. This feature is particularly useful for food & beverage items that have expiry dates.

    ii. Batch List

    Once you created a batch, it will automatically keep a record in the Batch List.

    c) Item Excel

    i. Batch Edit

    Two new columns — “is_batch” and “required_serial_no” have been added to the Basic Info Excel.

    ii. Item Batch Assignment

    Allows you to bulk create and assign batches through Excel for an item which is not in Batch mode currently. Once added batch information in the Excel file, it will automatically enable batch mode for those items.

    iii. Batch Create

    Item Create Excel supports “batch” and “required_serial_no” by manually adding.

    d) Inventory Adjustment

    A new user interface for the “Edit Racks” in Stock In, Stock Adjustment, and Stock Out.

    *Note: Item with the batch mode is only supported in Stock In / Stock Out.

    e) Stock Movement

    You can now view the quantity change details at the batch level by simply clicking on the question mark icon “?”.

    f) Pick Zone Replenish
    1. Added “Recommended Replenish Quantity” if the item has been inserted with Max Picking Stock. Simply click on “Apply All” to auto-fill the quantity with the recommended amount.
    2. Able to pre-select “From Rack” when creating a replenish task. The selected “From Rack” will be highlighted in blue on the mobile app.
    3. Added “Apply Suggested Rack” which will automatically select the rack which has the highest quantity for replenishment.
    4. Allows you to copy existing items with ease.
    5. Support to replenish stock at batch level.
    g) Stock Transfer

    *Note: Below changes are available in the latest version 2.1.31

    Transfer Type: Internal

    i. You can pre-select “From Rack” while creating a Transfer task.

    ii. The selected “From Rack” will be highlighted in blue on the mobile app.

    Transfer Type: External

    You may perform stock transfers from one warehouse to another at the batch level.

    h) Last Edited User

    The last edited user can now be displayed in Stock Adjustment / Stock In / Stock Out, providing convenience for you to track.


    3. Order Processing
    a) TikTok DBS Order

    TikTok Delivered by Seller (DBS) order is now available for supported logistics in the “Webstore and others” tab.

    b) Wave Template

    *Note: Only available for SiteGiant WMS

    i. New Wave Type

    Multiple SKU per wave (Single iSKU or Parent iSKU) has been added with Group by Parent iSKU setting.

    Turn ON Group by Parent iSKU and It will create a wave for orders which all items within an order under one Parent iSKU.

    ii. Sort By Quantity / Number of Orders has been added for all wave types to group all same items into one wave to pick in one shot.

    iii. We have changed the name of the setting as below:

    Group by Rack Group → Filter by Rack Group
    Group by Rack → Filter by Rack
    Group by Parent iSKU → Filter by Parent iSKU
    Group by iSKU → Filter by iSKU

    *Note: If you turn ON without selecting any, it will assume all as auto-selected.

    c) Order Fulfillment Assistant

    i. Zalora MY & Zalora GLO

    Zalora MY & Zalora GLO are now supported in Order Fulfillment Assistant. You have the option to auto-update Zalora orders from “Packed” to “Ready To Ship” status by scanning with Order Fulfillment Assistant.

    ii. Serial Number 

    3 options for serial number (Default / Optional / Force All) have been added to “Insert Serial Number”.

    Options of Serial Number

    • Default: Can skip scanning the serial number
    • Optional: If the inventory item enabled required serial no, then will need to scan
    • Force all: All items require the serial number

    *Note: If “Show Bundle Kit Items” is turned off, “Force All” & “Optional” are unable to select due to the serial number is item based.

    “Required Serial No” option has been added in Inventory Item.

    You can also bulk set the “Required Serial No” setting in Excel.

    d) Purchase Order

    i. “Received” and “In-stock” quantities have been added. (There is no longer a ticked icon)

    ii. Revert Received Quantity is available now.

    iii. Purchase Order History is able to show “Stock In” & “Revert Received” actions.

    iv. The “Received” quantity from the Purchase Order Listing page is now displayed based on the received quantity.


    4. Webstore
    a) Webstore Listing

    i. Create an item directly from a webstore single listing and set the “Required Serial No” & “Batch Mode”.

    *Note: Variation listing is not supported.

    ii. You can now upload multiple images in the Product Info Description section.


    5. Shopping App

    *Note: Only available for OMO package

    a) Store Locator

    i. Allows your customers to check your store location and pick up from the store easily.

    ii. The customer is able to select Self Pickup as the shipping method and choose the preferred pickup store, date, and time on the checkout page.

    iii. When customers click on the phone number, it will automatically redirect them to the phone dial pad. On the other hand, when customers click on the map, it will redirect them to Google Maps.

    b) Social Media Floating Action Button

    A social media floating action button has been added to the Shopping App home screen. 

    c) Order History

    Buy Again is added in the “My Order History” page to provide convenience for customers to repurchase.

    *Note: If the product is an add-on deal product, it will be added as a normal product.


    6. Customer
    a) Points & Membership

    Allows you to generate monthly recurring vouchers such as membership vouchers or birthday vouchers by using the new membership tier voucher template.


    7. App
    a) Marketplace Pricing Management

    *Note: Only available for ERP Turbo and above

    Bulk edit your webstore product selling prices and promotion prices in one place with Marketplace Pricing Management.

    b) SQL Accounting Sync

    Lazada SG, Shopping App, and TikTok SG are now supported in SQL Accounting Sync.

    c) Marketplace Order Return Management

    Flexibility to choose a specific date range for syncing back the Customer Return Order.

    *Note: It is only limited to ONE month for each sync request.


    8. SiteGiant POS

    58mm receipt template is now supported for SiteGiant POS.


    9. Smart Scan Mobile App

    *Note: Below changes are available in the latest version 2.1.31

    i. A new notification has been implemented to enable replenishment for holding items in which the records have been deleted from the replenish task.

    ii. Stock In ID selection (Existing Stock in ID / New Stock in ID) is available now whenever you enter a Purchase Order ID.

    You will be able to perform stock in under an “Existing Stock In ID”  if the record is created on the same day.

    iii. While you are doing Put Away, you can create and assign batches.

    Check out these new features in SiteGiant today, and stay tuned for more updates.
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