Look Out For These Shopee-tastic Updates

Shopee Key Seller Highlight

Hello Shopee Sellers, Below are the details you’ll need to know about Shopee’s latest updates: Shopee Key Highlight Description Link   Shopee Fees Updates and Shopee Growth Programme In an effort to enhance Shopee’s user experience, Shopee will be increasing Marketplace Commission Fees for Non-Preferred Sellers from 1% to 2% (before SST) effective 19 Jan […]

Holiday Announcement for New Year

Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022! 🎆 Please be informed that customer support will not be available on Saturday (1st January 2022) in conjunction with the celebration for New Year. We will resume our business operation on Monday (3rd January 2022). Do drop us an email at support@sitegiant.my if you have any urgent matters. We will get […]

[SQL x SiteGiant 讲座会] 学习如何2x 提升发货速度及掌握您电商生意的财务状况。

SQL SiteGiant Webbinar

每到年尾不管双11或双12都是电商的兴奋时刻, 因为这时候的订单会爆增。 虽然表面上订单看起来很多,但如果你的会计小姐这时候竟然告诉你公司在亏钱,你会作何感想? 一个成功的商人,不可以只是一个 Top Sales Man, 他也必须完全掌握公司会计和财务状况。你懂你公司吗? 来报名参加这个由 SiteGiant Expert, Kathrine Tan 与 SQL Software Expert, Bryan Cheong 所举办的分享会,学习如何2x 提升发货速度及掌握您电商生意的财务状况。 讲座会详情: 日期: 15th December 2021 (星期三) 时间: 4.00pm -5.30pm 地点: Zoom 会议室 名额有限!有兴趣参加这场讲座者,请点击此链接报名:https://bit.ly/3GuIEEh

Our Phone Support is Back in Service

Our phone support is back in service

Dear valued customers, Good news! We would like to inform you that our phone support is back in service starting from 13th December 2021. You may now contact our Billing, Sales & Support through the following phone number: Billing, Sales & Support: +(6)04-2957008 We look forward to serving you as always. Thank you. Best Regards, […]

Bagaimana Tetapkan Shopee Discovery Ads (DA)

Gain more with Discovery Ads

Untuk #ShopeeSellerTips pada minggu ini, Bintang Ahmad Taufiq berkongsi pengalamannya menggunakan Shopee’s Discovery Ads (DA). Bagaimana tetapkan Discovery Ads (DA): A. SETTING 1. Klik -> “+ Create New Ads” –> “Discovery Ads” –> OFF “Auto Optimisation” –> “+ Add Products” -> Select All (bagi cukup 50 products) -> “Confirm”. 2. Kat “Setting”, saya set: a) […]

学习如何提升您的商店表现, 为12.12做好准备!

🔥12.12年终大促销即将来临! 您的Shopee商店已经做好战前准备了吗❓ 来报名参加这个由 Shopee Trainer, Joan Chan 与 SiteGiant Expert, Janice 所举办的分享会, 学习如何提升您的商店表现, 为12.12做好准备! 📅 日期: 1st December 2021 (星期三) ⏰ 时间: 4.00pm -5.30pm 📌 地点: Zoom 会议室 名额有限, 今天就报名参加这个免费的分享会吧! 👇